Your data will be encrypted with the Secure Server System so the protection will be 100% guaranteed.

The new website Cultivar.it was adjusted to the current web security online standards. All security relevant data transfer occurs on a secure encrypted 256-bit SSL (recognizable in "https //" in the address line of the browser), ensuring this way the security of your transactions.


SSL is a secure coding procedure for the transfer of your data in the internet.

SSL stays for Secure Sockets Layer. The SSL protocol ensures that during the transfer the data are never read or manipulated. The use of SSL is recognized by the additional "s."

At "http" is added an "s" (= secure) in the URL

The webpage is renamed for example: https://www.cultivar.it

Through the SSL encryption process you obtain:

1.) the news content is encrypted and becomes secure tbefore going online;

2.) our server is recognized as "authentic" and reliable;

3.) all your data is protected with a very high level.